Advertise Your Campsite.

Looking for the best place to advertise your European glamping site? Then get your campsite in the pockets and at the fingertips of potential guests where they can easily search, filter, browse and send booking enquiries directly from our easy to use app.

About our platform

Unique concept

Refreshingly new, Euro Glamping is a device-agnostic responsive web app giving users instant access without having to download any software.

Works on all devices

Accessible via a normal link, our app works on any platform: Apple, Windows and Android, delivering the best user experience on any screen size.

Discoverable & shareable

Unlike traditional websites, our app has the look & feel of a native mobile app but discoverable on the web making it super-easy for everyone to share.

Why advertise with us

Our heritage

In 2008 we launched Go Glamping, the first website in the world dedicated to glamping and since then we have built an excellent track record in this field.

Future proof

The mobile internet is here to stay and as our app can adapt to any platform & device it will be around for many years to come, constantly improving.

Cost effective

Utilising the best-in-class cloud technology, our app is extremely efficient enabling us to offer low-cost and high-impact advertising for your campsite.

Available on all platforms & devices

To see our app in action, just click any of the items below and start using our app on your phone, tablet, laptop or desktop.

How to advertise for your glamping site

We manually create your listing in our app using information taken from your website, please read our FAQs below for further details on how our service works.

Once you have paid to join our platform we can begin working on your listing and start preparing your campsite to appear in our app.

We can usually get all the information we need from your website, including photos which we will then use to create a gallery for your listing. 

Just leave it all to us.

Your listing will then appear on our app:

In short, no. 

We have designed our app so the details in your listing are easy to maintain, as almost all of the info rarely changes, i.e. contact details, link to website, address, location setting and map and key amenities etc.

This enables us to keep our advertising fee low & affordable.

If you need to change anything then simply send us an email and we will make the necessary changes for you.

Yes, you can cancel your subscription at anytime. Once the subscription is cancelled, you will not be charged on the next billing cycle.

Your listing will remain live on our platform until your subscription expires.

Please kindly note, billing is automated and you will be charged each year until you cancel.

Our automated billing system enables us to keep our advertising fee low.

To cancel your subscription just send us an email.

No, unfortunately not, sorry. 

Due to the manual work of setting up and creating your listing, we cannot issue full or partial refunds.

Currently we are not VAT registered. If and when that changes you will be notified accordingly.

Upon payment you will automatically receive a receipt from our billing provider Stripe.

The Stripe receipt is a valid proof of payment which you can use for your accounting purposes.

As you know, we also run the UK’s leading glamping website Go Glamping and we are advertising Euro Glamping very prominently on our homepage.

Remember, our web app has a very low barrier to entry as it is freely available on all platforms and devices. 

This puts it directly in the hands of potential guests who can then share it on social media with their friends and family – very quickly and easily, as unlike traditional apps there is nothing to download or keep updated.

We will also utilise social media, in particular the more visual platforms such as Instagram.